I'm working on a "project" using opencv (python). Now i want to create a transparent layer for the image, that has the same size as the image, but I don't know how.

My goal is to detect faces on the original image, blur those and save them on one layer. Afterwards I want to detect all face-profiles, blur does and again save them on one layer...and so on. At the end I want to lay the images one over another and have the blurred parts on top, without covering the rest of the original image, as the layers should be transparent.

I already tried just using a copy of the original, but this way forces me to detect all face-profiles on the already partially blurred image (as I blurred the faces before)

# 1 --> taking the original image and copying it
raw_image = cv2.imread("./fotos/meeting.jpg")
face_result_image = raw_image.copy()

# 2 --> here detecting and blurring the faces

# 3 --> writing new blurred-faces-image:
cv2.imwrite("./face_result.png", face_result_image)

# 4 --> starting the same for faceprofiles using the result of the face-blurring:
profile_face_result_image = face_result_image.copy()

5 --> here detecting and blurring the profiles of faces  

# 6 --> writing new blurred-faces-image:
cv2.imwrite("./faceprofile_result.png", profile_face_result_image)

As point 2 is in a for loop, I can't use the detected/blurred parts outside the loop, why I have to lay them over the image in the loop. Having a transparent layer in the size of the original would solve my problem, as I could put those on a layer and just stack the layers over another and have a final image where everything that was detected in the x-amount of loops (=x-layers) is blurred.

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