I am able to add call attrs using 'Genesyslab.Platform.Voice.Protocols.TServer.Requests.Userdata.RequestAttachUserData' when the call is online but how to do when the call is dropped?

I found this in WDE

void SelectDispositionCodeSetAttachedData(string dispositionCodeValueName);
    // Summary:
    //     Update or add the keys of the specificed KeyValueCollection in the attached data
    //     of the interaction . The current list of attached data can then be retrieved
    //     using GetAttachedData. If the interaction media type is 'voice' or 'instant message'
    //     and the interaction is not released the added/updated values are immediately
    //     committed to T/SIP Server. If the interaction media type is 'voice' or 'instant
    //     message' and the interaction is released the added/updated values are sent to
    //     T/SIP Server as a UserEvent when the interaction is marked done (programmatic?aly
    //     or by Agent). If it is an eServices interaction (e-mail, chat, etc.) and the
    //     interaction is still handled by the agent the added/updated values are immediately
    //     committed to Interaction Server. After e-Services interaction is released, no
    //     further programmatical update is committed to Interaction Server. For all interaction
    //     types any attached data programmatical update applied after interaction release
    //     is not reflected in UI controls such as 'Case information'.

This is my code:

Genesyslab.Platform.Commons.Collections.KeyValueCollection keyValueCollectionUpDate = new Genesyslab.Platform.Commons.Collections.KeyValueCollection();
                keyValueCollectionUpDate.Add("Business Result", "Platform: Business Result");
                keyValueCollectionUpDate.Add("StrAttribute1", "AttachedData.Business Result"); RequestAttachUserData requestAttachUserData= RequestAttachUserData.Create("7012", GetConnectionID(ExtractedArtributes[1][0].Value.ToString()), keyValueCollectionUpDate); IMessage respondingEvent2=tserverProtocol.Request(requestAttachUserData);

Need to add call attts after the call is dropped


You can't update attached data when the call is dropped.


I do a workaround by using WDE itself to attach data when agent clicks 'mark done' in WDE custom command.

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