I want to add "@" at the end of variables. For example, I have these equations in a .txt file:

prob1003  = cprob1003 * ind_1003 * 234
prob1103  = cprob1103 * ind_1103 * 431
prob1303  = cprob1303 * ind_1303
prob1403  = cprob1403 * ind_1403

that I want to change to:

prob1003@  = cprob1003@ * ind_1003@ * 234
prob1103@  = cprob1103@ * ind_1103@ * 431
prob1303@  = cprob1303@ * ind_1303@
prob1403@  = cprob1403@ * ind_1403@

I don't have any solutions in my mind (therefore no codes to begin with). I really appreciate any help. Thank you.

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