I'm using the Windows Ribbon Framework for Delphi in a Delphi XE4 project, on a Windows 10 machine. I already have a TActionList and each TAction's Caption is set in code depending on the selected language for my application. I noticed that by linking a TAction with a TUICommand, almost all captions change, except for the Application Menu (normally "File" or "Fichier" in my case) and the recent items title (always retains value set in the markup).

A similar question was asked here, but no answer was provided.

I tried setting the caption of the command directly, associating a TAction and changing its caption like the others, associating the action list with the ribbon (ActionManager property) and making sure the ribbon commands and TAction have the same name, calling TUIRibbon.InvalidateUICommand, nothing worked.

From what I gather in the documentation, the application menu seems to be tightly coupled with the operating system. But at the very least, I expected to be able to somehow change the recent items title.

Any help would be appreciated.

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