I am trying to read a custom file in angular 7 component but it is getting failed when server is restarting while there is no error in the component ts file.


app/zontify-components/zontify-dynamic-field.directive.ts(5,29): error TS2306: File 'D:/Phython/zontify/Purchased/webmin/angular-7/src/src/app/field-interface.ts' is not a module. app/zontify-components/zontify-select/zontify-select.component.ts(3,29): error TS2307: Cannot find module 'src/app/field-interface'. app/zontify-lead/zontify-lead.component.ts(10,29): error TS2306: File 'D:/Phython/zontify/Purchased/webmin/angular-7/src/src/app/field-interface.ts' is not a module.

Please let me know what is wrong I am doing? I am new to angular 7.

Interface directory :

Project > app > field-interface.ts


Got the solution... We need to use the relative path to the file rather than the absolute path...

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