I have a Postgres Database in private subnet on AWS and I want to connect to AWS.

So i create an ec2 with httpd (Apache) as a reverse proxy in public subnet in order to forward my request to RDS database.

User -> pgadmin client -> Reverse proxy on 443 -> RDS.

As information, i can open only 443 and 80 on public subnet.

my Apache configuration :

ProxyPass /rds  http://rds-link.compute.amazonaws.com:5432
ProxyPassReverse /rds  http://rds-link.compute.amazonaws.com:5432

in Postgres pgadmin (my laptop) I tried to connect to database using https://link-of-reverse-proxy/rds as host , but its not wokring. i receive the error : could not translate host name to address

Did i miss something ?

Thank you in advance


Make sure your EC2 server has access to RDS. You should grant your EC2 server to connect on 5432 to RDS on security group config.

I personally don't install an apache on proxy EC2 server. I open a tunnel via my EC2 server and map 5432 port to my local.

ssh ec2-user@my.ec2.server.ip -L 5432:rdshost.eu-west-2.rds.amazonaws.com:5432
  • The problem is that i can't use SSH directly to this instance. I have a bastion which is controlled by another department – h.zak Apr 17 at 13:03
  • So did you check security group config? – fyelci 2 days ago
  • in fact, I can't update the security group and open the ssh to my @IP, i really have a limited access – h.zak 2 days ago

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