So I have a windows server 2016 datacenter edition which is an ad domain controller, DNS server, web server and a hyper-v server which holds a virtual windows server standard edition 2016 which is joined to the domain of its host, lets call it my-domain.com.

The host server has the main website and its internal IP is The virtual server has exchange 2016 instaled and its internal IP is

I am using google domains for my domain my-domain.com and I have type A resource records pointing to the external IP of the modem.

Now, my question is how can I make external users visiting mail.my-domain.com to go to the virtual exchange server?

I have tried making a record in the host DNS for mail.my-domain.com to point to but that only works internally. I also have tried using URL rewrite but since I am a noob at that I didn't manage to make it work. (I tried redirecting mail.my-domain.com to exchange-server/ but that would mess up the certificate that I have in the exchange server for mail.my-domain.com)

Additionally, the modem has port forwarding rules for port 80 and 443 to the host server and so the external request first has to go through the host iis before going to the exchange server.

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