As explained here, I like to create file objects in subdirs, and library / executables in the top-level file. However, since all the variables end up in global scope, two subdir files could accidentally use the same variable names. For example:

# Top-level meson.build
# src/abc/meson.build
# src/def/meson.build

I want meson to throw an error when src/def/meson.build tries to assign a value to my_files. Is this possible in Meson 0.50?

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  • At present it's not possible. You may want to read this discussion: issue #2607. Maybe it's the time to make a feature request? – Matt Apr 17 at 12:27
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    Thanks! I hadn't seen that discussion before. I have a feature request open for this now, issue #5270. – rellenberg Apr 18 at 16:04

It looks as reassigning variables is legitimate operation. One way of solving this could be following some rules of naming and call these variables according folders/sub-folders (abc_files, def_files in your case). But if you really want to name them the same way and make sure they are not reassigned, you can use this check and assert (before every assignment):

assert(not is_variable('my_files'), 'my_files already assigned!!!')

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