I am developing an application in Laravel 5.4 and my intention is to be able to define different listeners (event subscribers) at the package level and be able to register them dynamically in my PackageServiceProvider.

Currently I am already doing it for some elements such as the views ($this->loadViewsFrom(...)), migrations ($this->loadMigrationsFrom()), langs ($this->loadTranslationsFrom()) ...

But I can not find a way to register my event subscribers without having to manually include them in App\Providers\EventServiceProvider.

Is there a method $this->loadEventSubscribersFrom(...) or something similar that can serve me for what I need? I do not find anything similar in the official documentation of laravel on Package Development section


Well, in my PackageServiceProvider@boot method I can use:

\Event::subscribe(new MyEventSubscriberClass());

And it works well. But... I don't know if this is a good-practice.

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