I have a unit test which looks something like this

ActorSystem system = ...
ActorRef actor = system.actorOf(...);

// Actor will create a child actor and send a message to the test actor
ActorRef child = getLastSender();

// This message should cause child to exit
actor.tell("stopChild", null);

// Check that child has exited

It seems that the obvious way to implement the ???? is to watch the actor and expect the Terminated message. watch is on ActorContext; do I need to create an actor to watch the child, or is it possible to do that outside of an actor?

I am looking to write something like

system.???.watch(child, getRef());
// Check that Terminated.actor is child

Can I do that?

  • Did you consider just using the TestProbe for this as mentioned in this post stackoverflow.com/questions/34084903/… , or is there a special reason you want to avoid the watching actor? – awagen Apr 15 at 15:30
  • @awagen That answer creates a new actor class sto watch the actor in question. I saw how to do that, but was wondering if there was a way to do it without creating a new class. – Troy Daniels Apr 16 at 15:18

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