SPF (Sender Policy Framework), SRS (Sender Rewriting Scheme), BATV (Bounce Address Tag Validation) all reformat and encode information within an SMTP address, e.g.:


What I'm trying to accomplish: In our spam blocker (derived from Microsoft. Exchange.Data.Transport.SmtpReceiveAgent) we compare the sender of an incoming email against our local whitelist, which contains plain vanilla email addresses. This is how we extract the sender address from the RcptCommandEventArgs:

SenderSmtp = rcptArgs.MailItem.FromAddress.ToString();

SenderSmtp contains all the unwanted tags and should now be converted back into a plain vanilla email address for the lookup in our whitelist.

Is there a C# library or a code fragement in C# that reliably removes all that information from a given address and returns the original SMTP address?

  • Not sure but maybe look into MailKit or Redemption – sasfrog Apr 15 at 21:48

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