I am developing a test in JMeter to stress test a web application. It is very simple, only having a Thread Group and a HTTP Request. In the request I add my protocol to be "http," and my server name. In the "HTTP Request" part I add "GET" to be my request method, and the path to the page I want to open. When I run it and check the "View Results Tree" I see an error. I then checked the log to see where it was sending the request and found the URL formed from the "Server Name" and the "Path" entries just fine. But the URL has, at the end a "&noCookies=true" flag which I did not add (at least not purposely). It looks like the application has a setting somewhere concatenating that flag at the end of the URL and it looks like this:


Obviously, the server does not understand that and errors.

So, my question, where is that being set up? How can deactivate it?

Thank you!

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