I've checked my queries, database format, and PHP Syntax multiple times, and I don't understand why this error will still occured to me when all of the above formats are correct. I understand the error meant to say there's something wrong with my first parameter BUT I've checked and it's not wrong at all.

Even the database able to get the value inserted, but the PHP show this error instead.

Any advice or solution would be appreciated..

    // first create an order_id in the database, then retrieve it's primary key //
    $INSERTORDER = "INSERT INTO user_order
                    (`user_id`, `transaction_date`, `total_price`, `paid`, `brand_id`, `cashier_id`)
                    VALUES (NULL, NULL, NULL, 0, '".$_SESSION['brand_id']."', '".$_SESSION['user_id']."')";
    $INSERTORDERQ = mysqli_query($con, $INSERTORDER);
    if (mysqli_num_rows($INSERTORDERQ) < 1) {
      // if there's no result then inform the user and show the possible SQL error //
      echo "<script>alert('WARNING: Order ID can\'t be generated, you will be return back to Cashier Panel. Possible Error: ".mysqli_error($con)."');";
      echo "window.location.href='cashier_panel.html';</script>";
    } else {
      // if we're able to retrieve the primary key then assign it into the $_SESSION variable //
      /*if ($row = mysqli_fetch_array($INSERTORDERQ)) {
        $_SESSION['order_id'] = $row['LAST_INSERT_ID()'];
        // inform the user we've generated an Order_ID //
        echo "<script>alert('Notice: Order ID: ".$_SESSION['order_id']." generated.');</script>";

Warning: mysqli_num_rows() expects parameter 1 to be mysqli_result

  • Query might fail because one of those columns might be NOT NULL. – Mihai Apr 15 at 14:46
  • Check for mysqli errors after your mysqli_query to make sure that the query worked correctly. – aynber Apr 15 at 14:47
  • Checked, everything is NULL. – J_JS_ERN Apr 15 at 14:47
  • Tried, no error showing up by echoing mysqli_error($con). – J_JS_ERN Apr 15 at 14:48
  • 1
    mysqli_num_rows does not work for insert, only for select queries. The documentation for mysqli_query says Returns FALSE on failure. For successful SELECT, SHOW, DESCRIBE or EXPLAIN queries mysqli_query() will return a mysqli_result object. For other successful queries mysqli_query() will return TRUE. – aynber Apr 15 at 14:51

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