I have this table with lot of parameters :

idPumpParam|Type   |Version|A10A|A11A|A12A|A13A|A14A|...

1          |Pump1  |DL cons|1   |32  |45  |6   |67  |...

2          |Pump2  |DL var |2   |65  |8   |37  |43  |...

For search the parameter with my automation, I would like to create a procedure in MySQL Workbench 5.7:

CREATE DEFINER = `root`@`localhost` 
PROCEDURE `procReadParam`(IN Param VARCHAR(20), 
                          IN TypePpe VARCHAR(20), 
                          IN Version VARCHAR(20))
    SELECT Param FROM pumpparameters.pumpparam 
    WHERE Type1 LIKE TypePpe AND Version=Version AND Frequence=Freq;

The procedure is good, no error message.

I test the procedure in MySQL Workbench:

call pumpparameters.procReadParam(A12A, 'Pump1', 'DL cons')

There are this error message:

Error Code: 1054. Unknown column 'A12A' in 'field list'

Can you help me for this error message please?


If you want to use a column dynamically in a procedure, you can prepare and execute a SQL string statement

Something like this:

CREATE DEFINER = `root`@`localhost` 
PROCEDURE `procReadParam`(IN Param VARCHAR(20), 
                          IN TypePpe VARCHAR(20), 
                          IN Version VARCHAR(20))
  SET @sql = CONCAT('SELECT ', Param, ' FROM  pumpparameters.pumpparam WHERE Type1 = \'', TypePpe ,' AND Version =\'',Version,'\'');
  PREPARE stmt FROM @sql;
  EXECUTE stmt;


  • for your VARCHAR columns, you should surround their values with single quotes, and thus properly escape that in your CONCAT (with \')
  • I replaced the LIKE with = because a LIKE had no purpose there.
  • I removed the Freq part because you don't pass it as a parameter

So you have to make a few adaptations to make it working like you want

  • Thanks for you help, it's good with CONCAT function. – Alex Apr 16 at 6:44
  • For the moment it's a test table, the real table will be very big. I need LIKE '%Pump1%' because instead of Pump1 there are many pump with the same parameters : Type | MN 0100B, MP 0100 B, MQ 0100 B... | NU 2000 N| BJ 0400 B, BG 1300 J.... . I need Freq because the same Pump can have a motor in 50 or 60 or 90Hz but with differents parameters – Alex Apr 16 at 7:28

Have you tried calling the procedure with Param in single quotes? Like this: call pumpparameters.procReadParam('A12A', 'Pump1', 'DL cons')

  • With ' ' the answer is : Param | A12A – Alex Apr 16 at 5:50

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