I need help to comprehend Elasticsearch behavior while searching the words in some text field. I have a text field 'description' which mapping looks like:

description: {
    type: "text"
    analyzer: "lower_ascii"
    fielddata: true

with settings:

lower_ascii: {
    filter: [
    type: "custom"
    tokenizer: "standard"

So it is tokenized by standard tokenizer and modifield to lower ascii. If the field contains text e.g. 'ÁÁÁ XXX YYY ŽŽŽ' it creates tokens like 'aaa', 'xxx', 'yyy', 'zzz'. Then if I would like to search docs which contains all words 'aaa zzz' in the field it does not work with match or match_phase query. So I found out span_near query which looks like it works right but it does not apply the lower_ascii analyzer on the search value. My query looks like:

'query': {
        'span_near': {
            'clauses': {
                {'span_term': {'description' => 'aaa'}},
                {'span_term': {'description' => 'zzz'}}
            "slop": 50,
            "in_order": FALSE

This works as I need (if I understand it) BUT if I tried to search 'ÁÁÁ ŽŽŽ' the result is empty(aaa zzz works well). Is there a way to set up lower_ascii analyzer in query or is there a better way to do it in better way? Thanks.


Looks like match_phrase query is the one you may want to use. It supports configurable slop.

  { "match_phrase": { "description": { "query": "<query>" , slop: <slop>} } }

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