Right now I'm led to believe that my function is incorrect since I am getting more than 1 boolean output.

listOstrings = ['cat in the hat','michael meyers','mercury.','austin powers','hi']

def StringLength(searchInteger, listOstrings):

'return Boolean value if the strings are shorter/longer than the first argument'

for i in listOstrings:
    if len(i) < searchInteger:

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    It sounds like you are confusing print with return. They are two completely different things; the fact that the REPL prints the return value of a function call blurs the distinction, though. – chepner Apr 15 at 14:59
  • Using print instead of return is just your first problem. – chepner Apr 15 at 15:06
  • Possible duplicate of Compare multiple boolean values – Luke Apr 16 at 17:25

You don't want to print True or False for each item; you want to create a single Boolean over the course of iterating over the loop. Or more simply, you can return False as soon as you find one element that fails the test, returning True only if you make it through the entire loop without returning.

def checkStringLength(searchInteger, lstStrings):
    'return Boolean value if the strings are shorter/longer than the first argument'
    for i in lstStrings:
        if len(i) < searchInteger:
            return False
    return True

This is more naturally written using the all function:

def checkStringLength(searchInteger, lstStrings):
    return all(len(i) >= searchInteger for i in lstStrings)
  • the all function is exactly what I was missing. I assume asking for a return of True/False values is redundant? Or just not best practice? New to learning python so I'm very appreciative of your help :) – Luke Apr 15 at 15:26
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    all is just a little more descriptive; it does what you want without having to write how to do it. The first version just gives you more opportunities to make an error in the logic, while all already encapsulates the correct logic; you just have to use the right comparison, and it's easier to do that given that the call to all almost reads like an English sentence. – chepner Apr 15 at 15:29

This is working correctly as you are calling it in a loop, it will run for each element in the loop and return an answer.

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