Im trying to create a release in octopus using teamcity, but my create release step keeps getting stuck on my "run script" step in octopus, this step references a package.

I've tried the following as --package parameters:

  • stepName:packageName:x.x
  • stepName:packageName:x.x.x
  • stepName:packageName:x.x-alpha
  • stepName:packageId:x.x
  • stepName:packageId:x.x.x
  • stepName:packageId:x.x-alpha

But i keep getting;

The version portion of the package constraint 'UpdateDatabase:dataSeeder:1.1.55' is not a valid semantic version number.

error from the build step in teamcity. I can see that the package is pushed to the internal library in octopus in my create and push step.

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