I'm trying to add a custom column in power bi by this query:

= Table.AddColumn(#"Filtered Rows", "IsCurrentMonth",  if(Date.Month([Timestamp])=Date.Month(NOW())) then "Current Month" else "Other")

but the result is:

Expression.Error: The name 'NOW' wasn't recognized.  Make sure it's spelled correctly.

so how can I get the current month?


The function you need is DateTime.LocalNow

So your query step becomes:

= Table.AddColumn(#"Filtered Rows", "IsCurrentMonth",  if(Date.Month([Timestamp])=Date.Month(DateTime.LocalNow())) then "Current Month" else "Other")
  • Thanks a lot, bro. it's working – Mohamed Emad Apr 16 at 9:25

You could also create a column

enter image description here

and do this:

Column = if(MONTH('Date'[Date])=Month(NOW()), "Current Month", "Other")
  • You should use DateTime.LocalNow() like the comment above .. but thanks anyway bro – Mohamed Emad Apr 16 at 9:26

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