We are using the Hybris platform, and our products URL are like below.

I am new to Hybris platform but I know about URL structure, and I think something is going wrong here. I've checked other Hybris sites and other Hybris sites have short and clean URLs. Any suggestion?


These urls generated by Apparel sample accelerator, you can create your own URL Strategy. You need development for it.


Your question is very common... So hard to answer... But for the ProductPageController there is a logic that all sites on


Are handled by the ProductPageController. There is a logic that pages ends with /p/{productCode} will handle the request and replace the front part with the name of a product,...

Mabye this helps you and you can more specify your question?


  • I mean is there any way to remove CGI parameters? – Janak Chapaneri Apr 16 at 19:49
  • Hmm,.. the parameter comes from the SOLR search,... I think there is defintly a way to hide them (GET /POST). But this is jsut only if you do a solr search on the page,... – Mafick Apr 17 at 17:50

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