I would like to get the URL of a thumbnail image for a Fusion 360 CAD file to display on my platform. Is this possible with forge? I have dug through the items and haven't seen anything.


Assuming you know the URN of your Fusion file already, you can access the Thumbnail with the GET /modelderivative/v2/designdata/:urn/thumbnail API. If this API returns you a 4040 error, you might need to call the POST /modelderivative/v2/designdata/job API first, with Thumbnail options.

  • This is strange to me and I thought that I was misunderstanding it. To get a thumbnail, we have to convert the URN to something else, send a post to translate the file into some other kind of file, and then send a get command for the thumbnail? Are we actually retrieving that thumbnail or are we getting a URL? I couldn't find an example where the full process of getting a thumbnail was carried out. What format must the file be translated into? – Joshua Foxworth Apr 17 at 19:41
  • See details about converting to thumbnails here: docdro.id/X21kcSN – Bryan Huang Apr 18 at 2:10

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