How to Copy Contents in one DataGridview to another DataGridview that in another form

For i As Integer = DataGridView1.Rows.Count - 1 To 0 Step -1
    With DataGridView1.Rows(i)
        DataGridView2.Rows.Insert(0, .Cells(0).Value, .Cells(1).Value, .Cells(2).Value, .Cells(3).Value)
    End With
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    What are the issue's you are experiencing? Also are you filling the first DataGridView from a source, if so you don't need to manually add rows from the first to the second. There are many ways this can be handled, but currently the post lacks information, please update so we can help you further. – Çöđěxěŕ Apr 15 at 15:16
  • i read a textfile to datagrid and test if that data is exist in database or not after testing i want to copy it to another form wich have a datagridview where i added others columns to update the database from it, the issue i have no idea how it will grab rows from form and puched to other datagridview in form1 – Mahjoubi houssem Apr 15 at 15:21
  • Does your code above throw any exception? or what do you expect to get and are not getting? – preciousbetine Apr 15 at 15:23
  • IMHO you should have a class to work with, look into creating classes to hold your data from the text file you read. This data then can be displayed/used/shared/updated anywhere you need it. For starters, we don't know what that text file looks like, how are you checking the DB to see if that data exist...? There's a lot of uncertainty here we don't know about to form a good answer to help you. Of course, we could throw an answer out, but would that actually address your issue? – Çöđěxěŕ Apr 15 at 15:23
  • " i have no idea how it will grab rows from form and puched to other datagridview in form1" You need a reference to the other form. Which forms are involved? Which forms shows which? Details, my friend... – Idle_Mind Apr 15 at 15:26

See this answer which already covers copying from one DataGridView to another.

I took the code and converted to vb.net using an online converter.

For this code to work, make a new project with two forms (Form1, Form2), each with a DataGridView on them (both named DataGridView1). Place a button on Form1 (Button1). Then paste the code in each form's respective code file.


Public Class Form1
    Private Sub Form1_Load(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles MyBase.Load
        DataGridView1.DataSource = {"A", "B", "C"}.Select(Function(s) New With {.Value = s}).ToList()
    End Sub
    Public Sub Foo()
    End Sub
    Private Sub Button1_Click(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles Button1.Click
    End Sub
End Class


Public Class Form2
    Public Sub Bar(dgv_org As DataGridView)
        Dim dgv_copy = DataGridView1
            If dgv_copy.Columns.Count = 0 Then

                For Each dgvc As DataGridViewColumn In dgv_org.Columns
                    dgv_copy.Columns.Add(TryCast(dgvc.Clone(), DataGridViewColumn))
            End If
            Dim row As DataGridViewRow = New DataGridViewRow()
            For i As Integer = 0 To dgv_org.Rows.Count - 1
                row = CType(dgv_org.Rows(i).Clone(), DataGridViewRow)
                Dim intColIndex As Integer = 0
                For Each cell As DataGridViewCell In dgv_org.Rows(i).Cells
                    row.Cells(intColIndex).Value = cell.Value
                    intColIndex += 1
            dgv_copy.AllowUserToAddRows = False
        Catch ex As Exception
        End Try
    End Sub
End Class
  • So you are posting the answer from another answer instead of voting to close as a duplicate per say, I am confused... – Çöđěxěŕ Apr 15 at 15:44
  • I'm sorry about that... were you confused about the term "duplicate" or what? – djv Apr 15 at 16:03
  • No, I am saying why would you copy an answer to translate for the OP, instead of voting to close and or just providing a link in a comment? Why do we need this code again in another place, no need to apologize :) – Çöđěxěŕ Apr 15 at 16:05
  • Because it is not a duplicate. OP is asking how to copy from one form's dgv to another form's dgv. The linked answer only deals with dgv to dgv. This answer as you can see is very different from the linked one. – djv Apr 15 at 16:06
  • Understand, but you are dealing with DataGridView's either way correct? The real issue is going from DataGridView to DataGridView...right? OP said in comment my code copy data from datagrid to another in same form.. I guess there are just as confused? – Çöđěxěŕ Apr 15 at 16:11

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