I'm attempting to delete a Azure Data Factory

There was an error while deleting the data factory. Please stop all SSIS Integration Runtimes, remove all Azure VNet Integration Runtimes and remove all Self-Hosted Integration Runtimes sharing before deleting your Data Factory.
0 Azure VNet Integration Runtimes: .
0 Shared Self-hosted Integration Runtimes: .
1 Azure SSIS Integration Runtimes with status: Started: integrationRuntime1 ; . DeleteFactoryBlockedByIR

When in the UI, the delete options are greyed out.

enter image description here

How can I delete the factory?

  • Refresh the page then stop the Azure SSIS Integration Runtimes, if the status is not stopped, it's not able to delete it. – George Chen Apr 16 at 2:44

Noticed the log infomation in your error message:1 Azure SSIS Integration Runtimes with status: Started:.

Based on the steps which are listed in this document and the details in the error message:

enter image description here

you need to stop the IRs first so that you can reconfigure or remove them.

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