I have 2 different sites www.example1.com www.example2.com

each of them have a folder e.g. https://www.example1.com/store/test/en/test/ANYCATEGORY/ANDCATEGORY/OPTIONALCATEGORY/PROGRAMNAME/p/100002020 https://www.example2.com/store/test/en/test/ANYCATEGORY/ANDCATEGORY/OPTIONALCATEGORY/PROGRAMNAME/p/100002020

The idea is to apply an nginx rule which matches 2 conditions, the host and uri if there is no .html at the end

This is what i have for appending .html if there is no .html currently present

  location ~ ^(?=.*\/p\/)(?!.*\.html$).+$ {
  try_files $uri $uri/ @rewrite;
  location @rewrite {
  rewrite ^(.+)$ $1.html permanent;

I want to apply the above condition only to www.example2.com and NOT www.example1.com

how is this possible? i have tried a few things but location only seems to deal with the URI rather than $host/$uri?

I have tried below:

  location ~ ^https://(?![example1])(?=.*\/p\/)(?!.*\.html$).+$ 

but that does not work.

Also tried this with no luck

  set $tmp '';
  if ($http_origin ~ "^https?://(?!(oasis-)).*") {
   set $tmp 1;
  if ($request_uri ~ ^(?=.*\/p\/)(?!.*\.html$).+$) {
   set $tmp "${tmp}1";
  if ($tmp = 11) {
   rewrite ^(.+)$ $1.html permanent;

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