I need to get all the activity occurred under a given ancestor using


Documentation says that if one query for a given ancestor he will get all the activities for all the all children and descendants:

Unfortunately I am facing a different behaviour as if I query for a child, I get some activity that are not included in the parent query.

I use nodejs client https://github.com/googleapis/google-api-nodejs-client/tree/master/src/apis/driveactivity from local MacOs

Using JWT auth with a GSuite wide delegation enabled service account.

e.g. let's folder be Parent > Child > CildOfChild

If I use:

const params = {
    ancestorName: "items/<ParentId>",
    pageSize: 20

I get a number of activities

If I do

const params = {
    ancestorName: "items/<CildOfChildId>",
    pageSize: 20

I get some activities that where not included in the first request.

NOTE: in both case I use pagination and iterate until "nextPageToken" is undefined.

Thanks for helping!

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