I am using ng toolkit for angular SEO. It works Ok locally but I don't understand which files I need to upload to server and why.

I ran those commands:

ng add @ng-toolkit/universal
npm run build:prod;npm run server

now the source of http://localhost:8080 is SEO friendly.

dist folder looks like this:

browser folder (include index.html, assets, etc)
server folder (include only files: main.js and main.js.map)
file server.js

What I need to upload to my host server?


You need to upload index.html and all the files inside that folder

  • so I need to upload only the content of the 'browser' folder? so how does it solve the SEO issue? – user1932595 Apr 15 at 15:19
  • Angular build the web as an minified application. If you want full SEO friendly web page you should use server side rendering. angular.io/guide/universal – RadW2020 Apr 15 at 15:23
  • sorry, I think you don't understand my question. It is already SEO friendly but I don't sure which files I need to upload to me host server. I used this tutorial: medium.com/codingthesmartway-com-blog/… – user1932595 Apr 15 at 15:25
  • I see. Then it is time to ask you, what version of Angular you are using? – RadW2020 Apr 15 at 15:30
  • angular version 7 – user1932595 Apr 15 at 15:34

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