I want to implement MVP in TornadoFX without using it's inject (because it hurts readability and makes no sense whatsoever in my opinion).

My idea of good MVP implementation is as follows:

interface ModelEventHandler {...}
interface ViewEventHandler {...}
class Model(val eventHandlers: List<ModelEventHandler> = listOf<ModelEventHandler>())
class View(val eventHandlers: List<ViewEventHandler> = listOf<ViewEventHandler>())
class Presenter(val view: View): ModelEventHandler, ViewEventHandler

Which can then be used in the following manner:

val model = Model()
val view = View()
val presenter = Presenter(view)
model.eventHandlers += presenter
view.eventHandlers += presenter

The problem is that with TornadoFX you are forced to let the App class do the view initialization for you and you can't pass any parameters, you can't also choose the order in which the model, view and the presenter be initialized (which is not so big problem here but I can imagine it causing some issues).

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