I am currently working on gitlab ci integration. We are currently using jenkins and we want to use gitlab ci instead.

Our projects are in PHP. There is quite a few tools we are currently using in Jenkins and that I want to use in gitlab CI.

I managed to use the tools for analysing our code, but I do not know how to have the report being acknowlege by gitlab-ci.

The only report I managed to handle is for phpcs, like this

  stage: test
    - echo "Running phpcs"
    - phpcs --report=junit --standard=PSR2 --ignore=Model/*,templates/*,Themes/*,Config/* .  > phpcs.junit.xml
      junit: phpcs.junit.xml
      - phpcs.junit.xml
    expire_in: 6 days
    when: always

How can I have a report for the following tools ?

  • phpmd
  • phpcpd
  • phpmetrics
  • phploc
  • jshint
  • jsinspect
  • phpunit
  • php-cs-fixer (I havn't try yet, but it seems there is a junit.xml output, if I use that with dry-run)

Does anyone has an exemple of a full .gitlab-ci.yml for a PHP projects ?

I was also thinking of using phing, but how can I tell gitlab ci to handle my error.

Also, is it possible to publish the reports produced during the job, if they are in html format ? I read something about pages, but I do not know if the is what I am looking for.

Any help would be appriciated thanks.

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