Basically, I've got an input & an associated label, both with the same ID. However, Google Accessibility Review is failing it, with the following response:

Form elements do not have associated labels

To me, because the id is the same and the label is pointing towards the input, then I can't see what's failing here?

Am I missing something blindingly obvious!?

<div class="field additional">

<label class="label" for="street_2">

<div class="control">                                   
<input type="text" name="street[]" value="" title="Street Address 2" id="street_2" class="input-text " autocomplete="off" aria-required="true">

  • Your code looks fine to me. I ran it in Lighthouse and Wave and found no errors. – Josh Apr 16 at 19:59
  • Is there a reason you're adding aria-required but no required? – Andy Apr 17 at 17:52

Many things may explain this :

  • you may have another label linking to the same element conflicting for the same form element,
  • elements with the same id may appear elsewhere in the same HTML document,
  • this message may concern another form element,
  • the label itself might not be visible

The fact that your input name is an array (name="street[]") let me think that we have not all the elements to conclude on one of those choices.

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