I Have a df and I am trying to update the value of some labels in the multiIndex based on the value of the columns on the same row.

At the moment, I drop the index level and use some masking as if it was a value column, but I feel there must be a much cleaner way of doing this

iterables = [['bar', 'baz', 'foo', 'qux'], ['A', 'B']]
index = pd.MultiIndex.from_product(iterables, names=['loadcase', 'location'])
df = pd.DataFrame(np.random.randn(8, 3), index=index, columns=['fx','fy','fz'])

                        fx       fy       fz
loadcase location                           
bar      A        -3.8e-01  2.3e-01 -2.3e+00
         B        -1.4e+00 -7.4e-01  2.6e-01
baz      A         1.1e+00 -1.1e+00 -1.2e-01
         B         5.6e-01  3.7e-01  2.8e+00
foo      A         6.2e-02 -6.2e-02 -9.7e-01
         B        -5.7e-01 -6.4e-01 -1.1e+00
qux      A         2.5e+00 -1.0e-01  4.1e-02
         B        -9.2e-01  9.8e-02 -1.0e+00

# drop the index location so it can be easily searched for.    
df.reset_index(level="location", inplace=True)

mask = (df["location"] == 'A') & (df["fx"] < 0)
df["location"].loc[mask] = "{}_NEG".format('A')

mask2 = df["location"] == 'A'
df["location"].loc[mask2] = "{}_POS".format('A')

#returning the index like it is the standard
df.set_index(["loadcase","location"], inplace=True)

This gives me the expected result:

                        fx       fy       fz
loadcase location                           
bar      A_NEG    -3.8e-01  2.3e-01 -2.3e+00
         B        -1.4e+00 -7.4e-01  2.6e-01
baz      A_POS     1.1e+00 -1.1e+00 -1.2e-01
         B         5.6e-01  3.7e-01  2.8e+00
foo      A_POS     6.2e-02 -6.2e-02 -9.7e-01
         B        -5.7e-01 -6.4e-01 -1.1e+00
qux      A_POS     2.5e+00 -1.0e-01  4.1e-02
         B        -9.2e-01  9.8e-02 -1.0e+00

But it is quite ugly and I would prefer not to drop the index to a regular column. How can you mask a dataframe and at the same time access the label (or a specific column) to change the values?

Additionally, I get the error SettingWithCopyWarning: A value is trying to be set on a copy of a slice from a DataFrame, which after looking at the doc still cannot make sense out of it.


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    Your data frame has two columns named fx. This could be very dangerous when you use values fx to change things. – Quang Hoang Apr 15 at 15:21
  • updated the typo, shoud have been fz – AlexP Apr 15 at 15:24
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    Indices are immutable – ojlm Apr 15 at 16:18

I finally got around it with DataFrame.rename() function

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