x <--1
for i <--0 to n do
    k <-- i
   while k> 0 do
         x <-- x*2
         k <-- k-1
return x

Is it O (n)? Do while loop increase the complexity?

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    That`s not O(n). The inner loop does increase the complexity. – hidefromkgb Apr 15 at 15:26

When i = 0, inner loop runs 0 time
When i = 1, inner loop runs 1 time
When i = 2, inner loop runs 2 times
When i = 3, inner loop runs 3 times
When i = n, inner loop runs n times
Adding it all up: 0+1+2+3+...+n = n*(n+1)/2
So the time complexity is O(n^2)


i agree with xashru above. O(n^2)

  • please provide some more information about how you got to this conclusion. – cbdev420 Apr 15 at 17:58

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