As of now, my code successfully goes from one image to another upon clicking on it.

However, the issue I'm facing is that once you get to the last image and click (to redirect user to indexTwo.html), it takes the user back to the first image for like 2 seconds and then it redirects to indexTwo.html.

My question is: How would I prevent that behavior from happening? In other words: click through all the images and once the last image's clicked, redirect user to indexTwo.html without seeing the first image at all.

Note: I know if (imageId === 0) {...} statement is the culprit but not sure how to go about fixing it.

let theImage = document.getElementById('the-image');

let index = [

let op = 1;
let imageId = 0;

let clickedImage = () => {
    // start animation opacity
    if(op === 1) {
        let timer = setInterval(() => {
            if(op <= 0.1) {
                // load the next image
                imageId = (1 + imageId) % index.length;
                theImage.src = index[imageId];

                // reset the opacity
                theImage.style.opacity = op = 1;

                if (imageId === 0) {
                    window.location = "indexTwo.html";

            } else {
                op -= 0.1;
                theImage.style.opacity = op;
        }, 50)
  • Why do you use circular increment (% index.length) if you don't want it actually? Just remove that, change if (imageId === 0).. to if (imageId >= index.length).. and move it to the line before theImage.src. – hindmost Apr 15 at 15:37
  • @hindmost ah ok, that works! but one slight issue that arose is that in my <img> tag in my html file, it has an attribute that says alt="image is down. I'm seeing that upon clicking on the last image before indexTwo.html renders on the screen. – nombo24 Apr 15 at 15:53
  • That because the code assigning theImage.src is executed before the page is reloaded. You have to do early return to prevent that. Add return inside if (imageId... statement. – hindmost Apr 15 at 16:19
  • @hindmost I tried adding a return inside if (imageId... but all that did was cause imageId to increment infinitely without stopping cause indexTwo.html to never get rendered. – nombo24 Apr 15 at 16:30
  • Then place clearInterval(timer); before if (imageId.... Or use else block. – hindmost Apr 15 at 16:40

do you need to verify the datatypes match for imageId and the number 0? if not, try using == instead of ===

  • I tried that already, it doesn't work :( – nombo24 Apr 15 at 15:27

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