Explanation of problem

If a user clicks on the login link the view shall jump down to the login window where a user can type in userdata.

I am aware how to do this within a single file using document.getElementById('login-window').scrollIntoView()

However, I have a project with various single Vue.js component files. The login-link is within one "label" component. But the actual login-window is located in another component called "loginWindow", thus also the id / class "login-window" is stored in "loginWindow".

I tried to grab the "login-window" element with getElementById within my "label" component, but I believe it cannot access it since it is in another component.

This is the template code from "loginWindow"

  <LoginGrid class="login-window" :as-grid="true" :class="classes" autocomplete="off">
    <OCard class="login-card" :border="false">
      <div class="login-headline f-copy f-bold l-color-primary">{{ t('headline') }}</div>
      <!-- online state -->
      <template v-if="isLogged">
        <OButton color="secondary" @click="onClickLogout">{{ t('logout-label') }}</OButton>
      <!-- offline state -->
      <template v-else>
        <div class="login-inputs">
            class="login-input-card-number" />

          class="login-mode-link f-regular f-copy-small"
          {{ modeLabel }}

Here is what I've tried exactly

Within my "label" component I have implemented this method with an else-statement:

export default {
  name: 'loginWindow',


  methods: {
    onClick() {
      if (this.isLogged) {
      } else {
          if (isBrowser) {

So if the user is not logged-in, then onClick() it should scroll to the id of "login-window".

However, this solution does not work. I get an error saying "Cannot read property 'scrollIntoView' of null".

Any ideas how to do this with JavaScript within a Vue.js component?

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    Can you share your template of id="login-window" codes? and make sure isBrowser is true. – Sajib Khan Apr 15 at 16:11
  • Hi Sajib, I edited it accordingly. Thanks for the recommendation. And yes, isBrowser is true. – Christoph Apr 15 at 16:24
  • It is preferable to access DOM using directives.. vuejs.org/v2/guide/custom-directive.html – lmarqs Apr 15 at 16:29

login-window is Class not ID in your HTML. Try this:


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