How do I connect to the database on Cloud SQL without having to add my credentials file inside the container?

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    Note that Cloud SQL will soon be officially supported by Cloud Run. It will not require to install the Cloud SQL proxy inside the container. – Steren Apr 15 at 16:22
  • Thank you Steren for the clarification! – gabidavila Apr 15 at 16:31

UPDATE: to connect to Cloud SQL from Cloud Run see the official documentation

Cloud SQL is now supported by the fully managed version of Cloud Run (Cloud Run on GKE users were already able to use Cloud SQL using a private IP)

The feature is currently in alpha, so you need to use gcloud alpha (it will be in gcloud beta within 10 days):

To get started:

  • if you do not have one already, create a Cloud SQL instance.
  • make sure that the Cloud SQL admin API
  • deploy a new revision of your Cloud Run service with gcloud alpha and the following flag: $ gcloud alpha run services update --add-cloudsql-instances [INSTANCE_CONNECTION_NAME] Where is INSTANCE_CONNECTION_NAME is of the type project:region:instancename.

When yo do this, Cloud Run will activate and configure the Cloud SQL proxy for you. You should then connect to it via the /cloudsql/[INSTANCE_CONNECTION_NAME] Unix socket.

  • This actually does not work. The syntax does not match the CLI. However, after the first successful update all subsequent updates crash gcloud gcloud alpha run services update wordpress2 --add-cloudsql-instances cloudrun-sql with the error: {"version": "0.0.1", "verbosity": "ERROR", "timestamp": "2019-04-30T06:09:07.382Z", "message": "gcloud crashed (TypeError): can only join an iterable"} – John Hanley Apr 30 at 6:11
  • Note. For those interested I have WordPress now working in Cloud Run. I plan to document this as soon as Cloud SQL is working correctly with Cloud Run. – John Hanley Apr 30 at 6:14
  • The crash is solved by changing the gcloud command to: gcloud alpha run services update wordpress2 --set-cloudsql-instances cloudrun-sql – John Hanley Apr 30 at 7:06
  • However, using --add-cloudsql-instances should not crash gcloud. – John Hanley Apr 30 at 7:06
  • Worth noting this is explained in the official documentation at Cloud Run: cloud.google.com/run/docs/configuring/connect-cloudsql. – Safa Alai May 20 at 17:39

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