I am using Cake scripts to build out my software in Azure DevOps through continuous integration. The requirement is that when we commit/merge into to the dev or master branch, the appropriate build pipeline(s) are kicked off. As part of this build we need to tag and version our software automatically. I have the following code in my cake script already to use GitVersion to add the semantic versioning to my build:

    .Does(() => 
        Information("Versioning software for configuration {0} of {1}...", configuration, solution);
        GitVersion(new GitVersionSettings {
            UpdateAssemblyInfo = true,
            OutputType = GitVersionOutput.BuildServer,
            WorkingDirectory = toolsDirectory
        GitVersion versionInfo = GitVersion(new GitVersionSettings{ OutputType = GitVersionOutput.Json });

        Information("Semantic Version: " + versionInfo.AssemblySemVer);
        Information("Full Semantic Version: " + versionInfo.AssemblySemFileVer);
        Information("Informational Version: " + versionInfo.InformationalVersion);

I want the team lead or someone in authority to increment the major and minor build versions before this code is merged in with the branch. Or I want the pipeline to auto version the software and the eventual zip artifact we create at the end of the build pipeline.

So here are my questions:

  1. How do I automatically increment my version numbers and tags?
  2. Should I avoid auto incrementing?
  3. How do I add the version number to my artifact name in the Azure DevOps build process?
  4. What do I need to change in my git version code to use the tags?
  5. How do I add suffixes to make versioning and tagging more "git flow" like (such as "pre-release" and so on)?

I this is a bit broad, but I am struggling to find any examples of using git versioning and git tagging within Cake Build and connecting that to Azure DevOps in a meaningful way. Thanks in advance.

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