I want to get the UID of the current Content Element in my EXT. I use an DCE to render the output in the front end. This DCE implements a userfunc. In this userfunc i want to get the UID of the DCE. I am using Typo3 8.7

I have already tried a lot of snippets but the most of them are outdated or i am usind them in the wrong way.

Like $ncuid = $this->configurationManager->getContentObject()->data['uid']; should give me the wished result. But i only get this error Call to a member function getContentObject() on null And if i try to set this in function like

public function getContentObject($cuid, $caller_two) {  
    $ncuid = $this->contentObj = $this->configurationManager->getContentObject();
    $ncuid = $this->contentObj->data['uid'];
    return  $ncuid;

i get this error

Too few arguments to function Reevo\ReevoElearning\Output\FlexformValue::getContentObject(), 1 passed in G:\xampp\htdocs\arber\dummy-typo3\typo3conf\ext\reevo_elearning\Classes\Output\FlexformValue.php on line 88 and exactly 2 expected 

Do anyone have any hints or solutions for me? Would be great! Cheers!

EDIT: Maybe you need more Information.

In my DCE i want to render something out of an userfunc php script with: <f:cObject typoscriptObjectPath='lib.flexformvalue' /> In this userfunc i need the Content Element ID of this DCE for an query

lib.flexformvalue = USER
lib.flexformvalue {
 userFunc = Reevo\ReevoElearning\Output\FlexformValue->field
  userFunc {
        uid = TEXT
        uid {
            field = uid
            wrap = |
        nuid < .uid.field
      newuid < .uid.field
        field = nequizmaxtry

I try to get it via Typo3script and transmit it via param to my ext like u see above. This doasnt work. Then i try to get it in the PHP file with:

$this->contentObj = $this->configurationManager->getContentObject();
$ncuid = $this->contentObj->data['uid'];

But i got the error Call to a member function getContentObject() on null.

Do anyone know if its possible to get the ID of the DCE like i wish to get it? And if it is possible how do I get the ID?

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