I get the following output that I am trying to parse clean up:


[{'simpleClimateSamples': [{'time': '2019-03-16T14:26:03.000Z', 'temperature': 19.6}, {'time': '2019-03-16T15:29:03.000Z', 'temperature': 19.9}, {'time': '2019-03-16T16:32:03.000Z', 'temperature': 20.0}, {'time': '2019-03-16T17:28:03.000Z', 'temperature': 20.2}, {'time': '2019-03-16T18:31:03.000Z', 'temperature': 20.2}, {'time': '2019-03-16T19:27:03.000Z', 'temperature': 20.0}, {'time': '2019-03-16T20:30:03.000Z', 'temperature': 20.1}, {'time': '2019-03-16T21:26:03.000Z', 'temperature': 20.4}, {'time': '2019-03-16T22:29:07.000Z', 'temperature': 20.4}], 'deviceArea': 'kjøkken', 'deviceLabel': '2S57 2AVM', 'deviceType': 'SIREN1'}]

If I try to convert this to a dataframe it looks like this:


I would like to structure time and temperatures in the column simpleClimateSamples.

How could I get that into a seperate dataframe?

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