I have the following service class:

public class CitiesServiceImpl implements CitiesService {
  private CitiesRepository citiesRepository;
  public City getCityById(Integer cityId) {
    return citiesRepository.findById(cityId)

and it is used in my controller:

public class CitiesController {
  private CitiesService citiesService;

  public City readCity(@PathVariable Integer cityId) {
    return citiesService.getCityById(cityId);

  String handleResourceNotFound(Exception e) {
    return e.getMessage();

So when the readCity is called with a nonexistent cityID, the ResourceNotFoundException will be thrown and then handled by the handleResourceNotFound exception handler.

However, when the ResouceNotFoundException is handled, the status code in the response is still 202, i.e. OK. Seems that @ResponseStatus annotation in the ResourceNotFoundException is not utilized at run time. This can be fixed by adding the @ResponseStatus(value=HttpStatus.NOT_FOUND) to the method handleResourceNotFound, but such code is duplicate as the @ResponseStatus annotation is already in the ResourceNotFoundException.

Question: How to utilize the ResponseStatus annotation of the ResourceNotFoundException instead of adding duplicate code?

  • Just remove that useless handleResourceNotFound method or return required code yourself. – Antoniossss Apr 15 at 17:39

Remove that handleResourceNotFound and let framework handle that for you, or return proper Response from handleResourceNotFound method.

By declaring such handler you are saying that you will handle such case, thus framework is backing off.

  • Thanks a lot! seems that the ResourceNotFoundException is handled by the Spring framework itself? and how? – Rui Apr 15 at 17:45
  • It just catches that, anayzes annotations you have mentioned and generates proper response. – Antoniossss Apr 15 at 17:51

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