I want to append data from column and a default phrase at the same time into a Pandas DataFrame, db has many columns, not only id_sin & extra...

I tried this:

import pandas as pd
db = pd.DataFrame({'id_sin':['s123','s124','s125','s126'],
df = pd.DataFrame(columns=['id_sin','phrase'])
df = df.append([db['id_sin'],['default phrase']*len(db)])

This is the expected result:

>>> df
  id_sin          phrase
0   s123  default phrase
1   s124  default phrase
2   s125  default phrase
3   s126  default phrase

But I am getting an error, please help... thanks in advance!

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    Why not just db['Phrase'] = 'default phrase' ???? – Woody Pride Apr 15 at 17:27
  • I need to take the column and append it with the default phrase... please help! – SabiriS Apr 15 at 17:29
  • what first part? what errors? – Quang Hoang Apr 15 at 17:29
  • My suggestion gives you exactly the output you need – Woody Pride Apr 15 at 17:30
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    Just to clarify, You have a DataFrame (db) with many columns and what you would like is to create another DataFrame with a subset of the original columns (in this case just 'id_sin') and another column called phrase which takes on a static value for all rows? If so, you want: df = db[['id_sin']].assign(phrase='default phrase'). Otherwise please try to explain the problem more clearly. – ALollz Apr 15 at 17:40

You can create a copy of existing DataFrame and then add new column to it.

import pandas as pd
db = pd.DataFrame({'id_sin':['s123','s124','s125','s126'],

df = pd.DataFrame()
df['id_sin'] = db[['id_sin']]
df['Phrase'] = 'Default Phrase'
  • I have edited the answer. Is it what you want? – Vishal Apr 15 at 18:54
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    Yes... you are right now – SabiriS Apr 15 at 18:55

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