I have tried to install Cassandra on my Kubernetes cluster. After executing the commands

kubectl apply -f Cassandra-service.yaml


kubectl apply -f cassandra-statefulset.yaml

I have no errors, but the three Cassandras pods are not setting up.

When I execute

kubectl get pods -o wide

the result is that a pod called Cassandra-0 is not ready. I expected that the Cassandra pods would be already set up.

This is my cassandra-statefulset.yaml file: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/kubernetes/website/master/content/en/examples/application/cassandra/cassandra-statefulset.yaml

I expect there to be three Cassandra pods but there is only one in the pending state:

Here is the result of the previous command:

  • To be able to get more details can you: 1)Post you cassandra-statefulset.yaml 2)Post the result of kubectl describe statefulset Cassandra 3)Check if there are any errors when you see the logs of Cassandra with kubectl logs Cassandra-0 – Victor Val Apr 15 at 21:02

What Kubernetes environment do you use? Do you use Minikube?

It seems that cluster cannot create PersistentVolumeClaim. Maybe StorageClass configuration doesn't suit your cluster.

Also example Cassandra deployment contains:

            cpu: "500m"
            memory: 1Gi
            cpu: "500m"
            memory: 1Gi

So, your cluster should has free 1.5cpu and ~3Gb.

On my opinion, it's better and easier to configure Helm charts for infrastructure deployments, for example - https://github.com/bitnami/charts/tree/master/bitnami/cassandra

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