P4 novice here !

I want to create a workspace and sync in dirs/files from a p4 repo. Simple stuff, which I can't get to work. What's wrong with this picture ?

The p4 server & port : myp4server.xyz.com:1712 The p4 repo is //etc/freeze_check

I create a dir (in linux) /home/me/freeze_check and cd into it. I type "p4 client" and fill it in like this...

Client: my_client_name
Owner:  me
    Created by me.
Root:   /home/me/freeze_check
Options:    noallwrite noclobber nocompress unlocked nomodtime normdir
SubmitOptions:  revertunchanged
LineEnd:    local
        //etc/freeze_check/... //my_client_name/...

I left the "host" out but have this in /home/me/P4OCNFIG


I also "setenv P4CLIENT P4CLIENT" (I saw a working P4 workspace that did this)

Then I exit the editor. It says it saved the client.

Now, If I type "p4 client -o my_client_name", I see what I just defined.
If I type "p4 client -o" (no client name), it comes up with something different, the same thing that I started out with.

Q: How can I associate the client that I just created with the dir that I just created ? Q: Is the P4CONFIG file necessary? Is the setenv P4CONFIG necessary?

Thanks for any help


No, you don't have to use P4CONFIG, but it can be convenient if you use multiple clients on the same workstation.

Try setenv P4CLIENT my_client_name

  • Yup, that did it. (Thanks BTW) But why wasn't this picked up in the P4CONFIG file ? – daveg Apr 16 at 16:01
  • Was P4CONFIG set (pointing the the name of a P4CONFIG file)? You can use the command "p4 set" to display which P4 settings are, uh, set. – tkosinski Apr 16 at 16:07

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