I created bootstrap modal carousel which contains images of various width and height.

The problem is that the transition of the images is not smooth.

This is the sample page where i also added, in css:

#myAutoGallery .carousel-item {

  transition: transform 1s ease, opacity .75s ease-out;


I also placed the carousel in the middle of the page as well as some color modifications

This only make the fade last longer but transition is still very jumpy for different size images.

How can make the transition smooth?

Sample page:

sample gallery

Thank you!

  • delay the opacity, so you see the image pop up when it is correctly sized and placed? So: first make image fade out, then size and place next image, still hidden, then show. – Rustyjim Apr 15 at 22:05
  • how can i do that exactly? js or css? in either case what is the exact code for it? – dandan Apr 16 at 5:42

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