I have a react project using react-mosaic-component for the front end tile development. I am creating a new panel that renders in the dashbaord. I then want to immediately call setlayout that lets me move around different tiles. I have setLayout attached to the component. I need to pass the currentNode as an argument and it is failing to grab the node. Can anyone help me figure out how to grab the current node.

Here is the code:

export const UserWidgetTile: React.FC<WidgetProps> = ({ userWidget, dashboardService}) => {

    const setLayout = useCallback((currentNode: DashboardNode | null) => dashboardService.setLayout(currentNode), []);

    let dragStart = (e) => {
        let transferringData = e.dataTransfer.setData("text", e.target.id);
        let collectedData = e.dataTransfer.getData("text")
        setTimeout(() => {
            let userWidget = dashboardStore.userDashboards().value.widgets[collectedData];

        }, 200)        

    return (      
        <div className={styles.tile} id={userWidget.id} onClick={() => dashboardService.addWidget(userWidget)}>
            <img className={styles.tileIcon} id={userWidget.id} src={userWidget.widget.images.smallUrl} draggable={true} onDragOver={(e) => e.preventDefault()} onDragStart={dragStart}/>
            <span className={styles.tileTitle} id={userWidget.id} draggable={true} onDragOver={(e) => e.preventDefault()} onDragStart={dragStart} >{userWidget.widget.title}</span>


I just need to find a way to get the current node and pass it in setLayout.

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