I'm trying to run multiple BigQuery queries via the python API but it seems like not all of them are being done, my guess is that I'm not giving them enough time to complete. What I have is something like:

from google.cloud import bigquery
client = bigquery.Client()

query1 = "UPDATE ..."
query2 = "UPDATE ..."
query3 = "UPDATE ..."

My solution so far is inserting a sleep command before each client call, it works but it is kind of slow. Any hints or tips about how to do it on a more efficient way are appreciated.


BigQuery uses asynchronous jobs for queries. That means you can submit your query but it hasn’t necessarily finished yet. You can wait for it to finish if the next update requires the previous one to be complete.

If they aren’t tightly coupled, just send all of your updates and then wait at the end and all should complete. The return object of a query is that job, so you can use that to check the status of any of your update commands.

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