LETTUCE - Data on the effect of different amounts of ammonium nitrate on lettuce production. The experiment was conducted in a completely

randomized design, using a 4x5 rectangular array of plots in a field.

TREAT treatment (pounds of nitrogen per acre) HEADS number of heads of lettuce harvested from the plot According to the design described above, use R to generate one instance of randomization of the five nitrogen treatments to the 20 plots. Use a table to show your randomization result. (Show your R code.)

The above part is the homework question I have and I can't find a function that will allow me to make a 4x5 data table. Or maybe I am thinking about the problem wrong? Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

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    well... as it's a homework question i'll give you a few pointers. table(y, x) will create a table. So maybe try to create a vector x and y (or any name really) that contains your data. Try searching 'How to visualize tabular data in R' or similar for stuff like this. – Oliver Apr 15 at 21:26

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