I have a ReactJs application (a designer powered by fabricJS) that I am compiling and inserting into a public folder of our website. When the user hits "customize", our app is launched into a modal and the user then creates a design (using fabricJS). When they are done they either hit save or cancel and the modal closes out.

The problem is, when the user then enters back into our designer without refreshing the page, my chrome react extension is showing me the first launched designer is still in the reactDOM. Each succeeding time a user does this, another react app is shown to pile on the last.

This is problematic because we are using redux-undo, and each time a user makes a change to the canvas the action is duplicated however many times the store has been duplicated.

Surprisingly this is the only draw back to the redux store or app being duplicated

So far what I've tried is:

-making sure we are using ReactDOM.unmountComponentAtNode() correctly after we exit the modal

-removing the html element housing the React App

-setting the state of the reactJs app to undefined in our root reducer upon exiting

From what i've read i'm supposed to reset the state and remove the component from the dom to completely reset our app like it's being entered for the first time.

This is my react chrome panel. https://imgur.com/A3N3PhT (I kind of hate that i cant post pictures... they are helpful. Here's a link to the image)

My HTML only shows one designer launched into our modal though.

Essentially I would just like to close out the app and enter back into it like it had never been opened. All functions and event handlers are being ran twice causing unwanted history to be recorded with redux-undo.

If anyone could point me in the right direction i would be very grateful. Im not sure what else I can do to make my react app truly exit.

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