I am unable to find a way to implement r code into an inline LateX equation in R markdown. The goal is to not have to hard code the values of my variable 'values' if they were to change.


values <- c(1.4, 2.5, 7, 9)
avg <- sum(values)/length(values)

My current approach was to just copy and paste the values of my R variable into the LaTeX inline equation as such:

The average of $values$ is $\hat{v} = \frac{1.4 + 2.5 + 7 + 9}{4} = 4.975$

But this is cumbersome even with such a trivial example.

Using inline r code with r values[1] does not work inside of a LateX equation in R Markdown.

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title: Inline LaTeX using \textsf{\textbf{R}} variables
output: pdf_document

```{r, echo=FALSE}
# set variables

values <- sample(10:100, sample(3:5))/10
lv <- length(values)
avg <- sum(values)/lv

The average of $values$ is 
$\hat{v} = \frac{`r paste(values, collapse=" + ")`}{`r lv`} = `r round(avg, 3)`$.

If you same that as a .rmd file and render it you should get something like

                               enter image description here

  • Great. Thanks @Aksela Sep 22, 2019 at 8:34
  • If you add a double $ and drop the period, in place of inline you get a stand alone formula (rendered a little bigger) and it pre-renders in RStudio. $$\hat{v} = \frac{r paste(values, collapse=" + ")}{r lv} = r round(avg, 3)$$ Feb 7, 2020 at 0:16

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