I want to replace the whole string if matches the pattern at the starting of the line. My string is $foo = "I have a dog - cat". Now if regex matches with "I have a" then string is replaced by "CHECKED"

I tried

$foo =~ tr /I have a/CHECKED/

The output is CHECKED dog -cat nad I don't want to add the full sentence in the regex. Like $foo =~ /I have a Dog -cat/CHECKED;

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    Applying $foo =~ tr /I have a/CHECKED/ results in $foo being "CHECKEHCHdogH-HcCt", not "CHECKED dog -cat". – Abigail Apr 15 at 23:05
$foo = "I have a dog - cat"

$foo =~ s/I have a.*/CHECKED/

perl command tr/// or y/// for transliteration letter to letter
go https://perldoc.perl.org/perlop.html#Quote-Like-Operators


You should make the pattern match the entire string if you want the entire string to be replaced:

$foo =~ s/.*I have a.*/CHECKED/;

Alternatively, simply assign the string with a new value if it matches the pattern:

$foo = 'CHECKED' if $foo =~ /I have a/;

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