Sorry for the beginner question as I've just started to pick up Tensorflow; Their 2.0 version seems to be a leap in development.

I've followed the tutorial from this site, which returns the following result: enter image description here

which is quite different from the site: enter image description here

Here is the gist.

I practically copied and pasted the code from the site, but somehow the result is still so different.

The way I read my graph, there is practically no learning at all.

  1. What causes this kind of scenario?

  2. How do people normally tackle this kind of scenario?

  • your gist is unreachable – borarak Apr 16 at 8:44
  • think i found the right gist updated the link – borarak Apr 16 at 8:48

That is because you make a mistake in this line:

steps_per_epoch = round(BATCH_SIZE) // BATCH_SIZE

It should be:

steps_per_epoch = num_train//BATCH_SIZE   # There is no need to use the round() function.

This is the original code.

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