I have created rest API endpoint which requires one get parameter 'id'. When I am including 'id' in url it is working fine but when I am excluding 'id' it is giving 400 status code.

I am using Django 1.10 as web framework and Django rest framework for APIs. The class based view is written to return empty object if 'id' parameter is not present in the get request. I have tried different url patterns but nothing seems to work.

The url pattern is as below-

urlpatterns = [ url(r"^scheme/", APIScheme.as_view()),

I am using Postman to send request. For url {{base}}/scheme/?id=1 I am getting expected result but for url {{base}}/scheme/ it is returning status code as 400. What can be the reason for this and how to debug this?

  • I think there is something wrong in your code in the view, there is no problem with the url. You are getting 400 means you are accessing the view itself – ruddra Apr 16 at 4:50
  • 1
    yes it was a custom Object Not Found exception which was returning 400 status code. Thanks. – Joshi R Apr 16 at 5:14

i think u have to add the


in ur URLpatterns and id by default is pk try adding


because ur view needs and argument which has to be supplied by the urlpatterns

  • Yes this can be a way. But in my case it was a custom object not found exception that was causing the issue. Even in case of wrong id( which is not present in DB) it would have thrown the same status code. Now I have changed the error code to 500. – Joshi R Apr 16 at 13:50

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