I am a beginner of Node.js.
Recently i would like to build a modulize system based on es6-class.
I am trying to wrap ws module to a class, and here is the prototype of my code:

const WebSocket = require('ws')

export default class WebSocketServer {
  constructor(port = 9876) {
    this.wss = new WebSocket.Server({
      perMessageDeflate: false

    this.wss.on('connection', (function _connection(ws) {

  connection(ws) {
    return new Promise(function (resolve, reject){
      ws.on('message', function _incoming(message){
        console.log('received: %s', message)

      ws.send('Welcome!', function ack(err){
        if(err) {
          reject(`Connection error: ${err}`)
        else {
          resolve('Connection created.')

Few question:
1. I wonder my logic is right?
2. Is there a simple way to instead bind 'this' to callback function?


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  • this.connection = this.connection.bind(this); this.wss.on('connection', this.connection) ... or even just this.wss.on('connection', this.connection.bind(this)); – Jaromanda X Apr 16 at 4:00
  • @JaromandaX How can i bind other arguments into this.connection? – Ikki Apr 16 at 4:04
  • how can you do what now? bind other what? – Jaromanda X Apr 16 at 4:04
  • @JaromandaX bind 'ws' – Ikki Apr 16 at 4:05
  • why? isn't ws the same as this.wss? – Jaromanda X Apr 16 at 4:05

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